March 24, 2020

Hi, I'm Nityesh

I love to teach.

I want to improve the world by changing the way people learn.

This website is my attempt to dump as much of myself as I can, out into the world. Its a library of my brain. If you want to glance through the books or understand what I'm all about, you're welcome!

What am I doing these days?

I'm currently working as the Community Manager for Dataquest - a small startup that teaches data skills online.

Oh and did I mention that its remote?! Let me brag about it a little -

  • no 9-5 schedules
  • flexibility to run my own schedule (two 4-hour long chunks - one during the day and another during the night)
  • have teammates who live in the US, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, India
  • have social calls with them
  • go to important meetings in shorts

Remote work is happy living.

What else?

I’ve found that being a good writer can advance anyone’s career. Especially the careers of people who are just getting started. Yet, there are no good courses for this. So, I created one!

Introduction to my free email course - Clear Writing, Clear Thinking

I write long articles sometimes.

I believe that building something cool and interesting is a great way to trick yourself into learning with dedication.

I spend a lot of my time reading - both books and the web. I am forever grateful for what I have learnt on the Internet.

I always want to be working on a project that, if successful, will make the rest of my career look like a footnote.

What important truth do very few people agree with me on?

I believe that if done well, surfing on the web has similar benefits as being well-read does.

Paul Graham's essays are underrated.

Hey, please feel free to reach out to me! :)

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